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1. You can enjoy the Kegel exercise very easily with your clothes on. (But you need to take off cloths when use frequency electrical stimulator module)
2. Since there is no need to insert a probe into the vagina, this product can be conveniently used by anyone, regardless of gender or age.
3. You can perform Kegel exercises accurately by using your smartphone to check the contraction and relaxation status of your pelvic floor muscles in real time.
4. You can enjoy Kegel exercises with your family by synchronizing the product to a smartphone game.
5. In addition to active Kegel exercises, the product offers various modes such as a electrical stimulation mode of pelvic muscles, and a general low-frequency mode of knees, shoulders, etc.

What are Kegel Exercises
Kegel exercises are essential for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, which play a key role in supporting the bladder, uterus, vagina, and bowel. Pelvic floor muscles are easily damaged by childbirth, and are more prone to weaken as they are seldom used in everyday life.

Kegel exercises increase the volume of your pelvic floor muscles to provide better support for the pelvic organs. When intra-abdominal pressure rises, the pelvic floor muscles contract quickly to improve support, and help to restore the contraction force of the vagina and anal sphincter.

Purpose of Kegel Exercises
-To restore your vagina and vaginal muscles after giving birth
-To maintain a satisfying sexual life
-To laugh, exercise and travel even without diapers
-To live with good hygiene and without diapers in old age

Problems of Kegel Exercises
-Even with training, it is difficult to work the pelvic floor muscles on your own.
-The use of the wrong muscles, such as the lower abdomen, Make the illness worse
-Most people quit halfway because they do not know whether they are doing the exercises correctly or not

HnJ-350 Features

Exact Kegel exercise with clothes on and without the use of vaginal probes
No boring exercises! Do Kegel exercises with your family by playing a game on your smartphone
Any one, any place, any time
Kegel exercises for any one, any place, any time
Maximize effect
Maximize effects by customizing muscle contraction and electrical stimulation to users
Wide range of functions
Kegel exercise mode, electrical stimulation mode of pelvic muscles, general low-frequency mode of knees, shoulders, etc.


Division Contents Remarks
Input power DC 5V  
Battery capacity 2,500mAh  
Range of strength detection 0 ~ 20kgf  
Size 250x330x45mm(W-D-H)  
Weight 3kg  
Display Smartphone Option : Tablet PC