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3-D Functional Metabolic Imaging and Risk Assement (MIRA)

This MIRA  technology generates 3-D infrared datasets and is based on analysis of imaging biomarkers, highly correlated with malignancy, and further use of sophisticated machine learning technology, in order to provide an objective risk assessment for the presence of breast malignancy to guide the need for further imaging. Subjects that are classified with suspicious for cancer by the device, would need further imaging workup to localize, diagnose and treat the tumor. The MIRA technology offers a non-invasive method, radiation- and contrast agent-free, and does not involve any contact with the patient or manipulation of the patient breasts.

A series of clinical studies in Israel and Europe have demonstrated the efficacy of MIRA technology in correctly classiying women with breast cancer. Increased efficacy was observed in a cohort of women with dense breast tissue. Since mammography is anatomical imaging device, it can miss up to 50% of the cancer in women with dense breast tissue. Supplementary imaging, such as MRI can detect additonal cancers missed by mammogrpahy.