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ReOxy device manufacturing

ReOxy breathing therapy device is a device that was developed based on latest developments in medical devices and electronics.

ReOxy is manufactured by Bitmos GmbH and is CE marked and produced in full compliance to 93/42/EEC (Medical Devices Directive – MDD), facilitating high quality and safety of operation.

Only use the ReOxy after a medical indication and only in compliance with the doctor’s prescription by following these instructions for use.

If side effects or extreme health restrictions occur during the therapy, you should immediately consult your doctor.

ReOxy device intended use

The operational safety of the unit is only assured when used for the purpose it is intended for, as specified in the instructions for use.

The ReOxy device must only be used according to the medical indication and only in accordance with the doctor’s prescription by following instructions for use.

The intended use also includes the compliance with the assembly instructions, as well as the notes on cleaning and maintenance of the ReOxy device.

Any other use of the unit beyond these limits is prohibited and is not considered as unintended use! Claims of any kind against the manufacturer and/or his authorized representatives resulting from damage caused by unintended use of the unit are excluded. The operator is solely liable for any damage resulting from unintended use.