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  • Unique patented biofeedback technology (SRT) uses individually adjusted SpO2 level as a sensitive IH treatment target parameter.
  • It assures that the hypoxic stimulus is provided in a comparable and safe manner to each patient independently of their age and health condition.
  • Pre-treatment test to evaluate zone of maximal therapeutic efficacy, and to calculate individual treatment starting parameters;
  • Treatment to “keep” the patient in zone of maximal therapeutic efficacy by adjusting the treatment parameters in response to changes in patient’s state;
  • After the treatment to calculate and store treatment results SRT-technology uses advanced software that reads and analyses data from a built-in pulseoxymeter to adjust the supplied air mixture composition and exposure time in response to changes in vital indicators (i.e. blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate registered by Masimo device with leading SET technology) individually for each patient.