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FemiFine™ Next Generation Vaginal Treatment

For a wide range of clinical applications from urinary incontinance to post-menopausal sympthoms


GSM & SUI Office treatment

FemiFine is the new and advanced generation for in-clinic vaginal treatments. It is a none ablative in-office treatment for deep thermal effect treating a wide range of indications from vaginal atrophy, treats small urinary leakages to restore normal functionality, postmenopausal symptoms, infertility and more.

This easy and intuitive treatment combines the use of a proprietary slim vaginal handpiece with a radial emitting fiber allowing physicians to treat the vaginal wall homogenously and provide physicians with the absolute certainty of the correct energetic dosage of the laser source applied on the whole inner walls of the vagina.

The radial fiber allows for 360º lasing, eliminating the need to rotate and pull on the probe. Its slim shape allows to easily use also with women suffering from GSM symptoms.


  • Clinically proven
  • Safe, easy to use
  • Effective results
  • Hygienic - probe can be sterilized
  • Fast, homogeneous treatments
  • Painless, clinic-based treatment

The treatment is aimed to the vaginal mucosa, determines its recovery of firmness, flexibility and rehydration and therefore reduces considerably various symptoms.

Our FemiFine handpiece eliminates the need for contact with the vaginal wall for maximum patient comfort. On the physician end, there is not need to move the handpiece during treatment but only the laser fiber.