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Enhanced patient communication

Image capture allows you to show patients their anatomy at the point of care, reassuring them and educating them about any findings and their progress. This engagement encourages patients to take an active part in their care, improving retention and follow-up.

Images are downloadable and shareable both with and without case notes attached. Share un-annotated images with your patient to give her an added level of understanding and confidence in the medical process.

“Any physician who needs to visualize the vagina, vulva or cervix should be doing it with EVA WELL. Even for exams that could be performed with the naked eye, EVA WELL lets you document your observations and show patients exactly what is happening.”

Medical Director MobileODT

EVA for general gynecology examinations

EVA WELL is an CE-cleared and HIPAA compliant digital visualization tool for gynecologic exams. EVA WELL allows images and video to be shared in real-time with patients for increased satisfaction, and colleagues for remote consultation. All data is recorded for enhanced documentation. 

Visualize and capture

Capture high-quality images and video with EVA WELL’s 16x magnification, glare reduction, and digital feature enhancement.

Collaborate remotely

Consult live in real-time with peers or remote experts via secure chat and live video case-sharing in the secure EVA online portal.

Document patient progress

Document any abnormalities, add annotations and upload images to your EMR to track patient progress over time.

Educate and empower your patients

Cast the images to an external display so that patients can see the exam in progress. Improve patient understanding and satisfaction. Email images to patients for their own peace of mind.