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The Product - Real Imager 8 (RI8)

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Real Imager 8 (RI8) provides a no touch, no radiation and woman-friendly procedure to determine the likelihood of breast cancer through non-invasive imaging procedure. The imaging data is assessed objectively and a RIsk Assessment Score is provided to the physician.

Unlike mammography, the Real Imager 8 does not invovle compression of the breast, which is sometimes painful to many women.

  • Non-invasive and no radiation
  • Non-contact examinee friendly procedure
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Suitable for any breast shape or density
  • Unique for young women and dense breasts
  • Multiple parameters for maximum detection
  • High detection accuracy
  • Objective diagnosis assessment
  • Detection at the earliest stage possible

Real Imaging has been engaged, since its inception, in the development of a "Game-Changing" imaging technology for early detection and risk assessment of breast cancer.

Real Imaging’s system utilizes the company's proprietary technology, MIRATM (Metabolic Imaging and Risk Assessment), and performs multi-dimensional 3D metabolic imaging of the breast, in a non-invasive, nonradiating and examinee‐friendly procedure.

The data is analyzed utilizing a wealth of sophisticated proprietary methods and algorithms. The result is an objective, computer generated, assessment of the health status of the breast, without the need for human interpretation.

The company has proven the effectiveness and efficiency of its technology and product in a series of clinical trials, which have been carried out in six medical centers in Israel. The results, with sensitivity of above 90%, indicate that the system can increase the detection rate of breast cancer compared to current screening modalities (mammography and ultrasound).

A unique capability of the Real Imaging’s system is that it is suitable for young women and women with dense breasts. This has been recently demonstrated in a blind study showing increased performance for women with dense breast tissue.

Standard screening modalities for breast cancer are based on detection of anatomical and morphological changes in the breast tissue. In contrast, Real Imaging’s technology is primarily focused on detecting metabolic changes, which occur at a very early stage of the cancer.