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With our Discovery Research strategy and its three pillars, we can continue to innovate, delivering real progress for patients. The company relies on external partnerships, its own strengths and approaches that go beyond them.

We build on the strengths in our core therapy areas and create synergies by establishing transdisciplinary science platforms and promoting technologies that have potential across our therapeutic areas. We are developing new scientific approaches to developing therapies that redefine the standard and developing a portfolio of first-in-class medicines with the potential for medical breakthroughs. We conduct research and development for the next generation of medical breakthroughs.

At Zukunfttech, protecting the health of patients is paramount. Therefore, we have a large and experienced global team responsible for conducting and monitoring clinical trials in our indication areas.

Partnerships are a central element of our corporate strategy - Zukunfttech also builds on collaboration with universities and start-ups in all research activities. We seek business partnerships along the entire research and development value chain, from investments in new scientific concepts to strategic alliances.

We are committed to continuing to be at the forefront of science and technology, and to make significant medical breakthroughs to improve the lives of our patients. For us, this means working closely with all stakeholders in our innovation ecosystem.

External collaborations play an essential role in creating a medical portfolio with breakthrough potential for our patients. In each area we consciously choose cooperation with our versatile partners - our investment models are always tailored to the respective project.


Zukunfttech aims at building relationships with selected partners in order to develop it's innovative business. We are therefore looking for strategic partnerships with a broad range of target groups. Especially in the area of innovation, we invite you to become our partner, share your ideas for the next innovation with us and help us improve the daily life of people across the globe.

We at Zukunfttech recognize the talent and creativity that is held by partners outside our company. In order to put these talents to good use and start a successful business partnership, we actively seek for new technologies, product ideas, patents and other intellectual property that helps us to make our products and business models better. Consequently, Zukunfftech does not only focus on professional external innovators, but also students and customers. We engage in partnerships with business partners and suppliers but also follow many other innovation activities to generate new ideas and develop innovative products:

  • Traditional R&D
  • Technology scouting
  • Crowdsourcing
  • University partnerships

Do you have a granted patent, a published patented application, or a registered and published utility model or design? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you are eligible to participate in the Zukunfttech Innovation Partnership Program.

We are looking for patented ideas for products, processes and designs that relate to our three business units. If you have developed something that fits our criteria, we would like to know more about it!

We are searching for published patent applications or patents that have already been granted for products and processes, and for registered utility models and designs. Your submission must meet our evaluation criteria and your patented idea has to fit to one of our three business units.

Protect your idea with a patent

For both the protection of Zukunfttech and the inventor, we will only accept your submission if it is covered by an issued patent, if your patent application has been published, or a design patent or utility model has been registered and is available in the public domain.

What does this mean for you?

One of Zukunfttech’s goals is to establish itself in the years to come as the “innovation leader” in its european markets. One of your goals, as an independent inventor, may be to put your idea into practice. If you can help us identify a product or idea that we feel our company could utilize, Zukunfttech may be interested in talking to you further. Depending on the status of your idea, collaboration with Zukunfttech could proceed in one of two ways:

  • Published intellectual property rights / ideas for which extensive evaluation is still necessary: Frequently, the long term value of an idea to a company can only be judged in concrete terms after an extensive evaluation. If we feel that the idea could be of interest, Zukunfttech will conduct this evaluation and bear the associated costs. For you, this increases the chances that your idea might be utilized, even if Zukunfttech decides on the strength of the evaluation results not to use the idea after all.
  • Published or granted intellectual property right that could be utilized as it is or in a slightly modified form: In this case, we would offer you, as the holder of the intellectual property right, either to purchase the patent, utility model or design from you, or to enter into a licensing agreement with you. If any evaluation is required prior to this, Zukunfttech would conduct the evaluation and bear the associated costs.

Submit your patented idea

We are looking forward to your patented ideas!

We are looking for ideas that have already been patented, or for which a patent application has been published, or a utility model or design registered, and which have already been made accessible to the public. With a short description of the idea in English or German we can examine your proposal.

Internal review and evaluation

The submitted patented ideas will be reviewed and evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Does the idea fit Zukunfttech’s business portfolio?
  • Does the idea fit Zukunfttech’s strategy?
  • How high is the level of innovation?
  • To what extent does the idea meet customer/consumer needs?
  • Can the idea be put into practice?
  • Does the idea have market potential?
  • Or, in the case of an idea for methods or processes: Will the idea bring improvements in terms of environmental protection, substitution of raw materials, cost savings, or similar?

The deciding factors are whether the patent idea is relevant to Zukunfttech’s business and whether Zukunfttech considers that its utilization or further elaboration has the potential for success. The examination and evaluation process may take several months, so please be patient.Once the examination and evaluation process has been completed, we will notify you of the results. In some cases we may have to request more information from you in order to complete the evaluation.

Please note that many of the ideas submitted may already be disclosed in prior literature and patents, may have been previously considered or already developed by us, or we may currently be developing an idea that is similar to your idea. Zukunfttech could have examined your idea at some time in the past and decided that it was not appropriate. Please understand that we will not give any reasons as to why we decide not to pursue an idea.